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there has been plenty of progress on the sydney opera house bonnet and i feel like there’s so much still left to do.  i wrote the pattern up in a jiff and it’s coming along quickly once i force myself to actually sit still and WORK!  i just got the specs for the university scarf and ordered the yarn.  that one will be quick and easy.

i lightened up the pics quite a bit to show the details.  the yarn is that super soft andean treasure in mystery heather.  mmmm alpaca…

my poor little mae bird has the flu!  but i did finish her mittens.  the yarn she picked out the other day is so delightful to knit with i couldn’t put it down.  i forgot to say what it was in my last post.  LORD  it’s malabrigo in sauterne.  when she saw the finished mittens she put them on immediately and announced, “these look like corn!”  how right she was!  i’ve since named them “corn cob mits”  next i’m making her a “corn cob cowl” to match.  


mae's cowl

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