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back to baking?

the weather here has been really strange - snow storms, then earthquakes, then it got up to almost 60 degrees, then thunderstorms, now it’s back to the more typical dry, cold, gloomy indiana winter weather.  today, however, was SUNNY and brisk and just right for baguette baking!

of course, mae helped mama every step along the way.  we haven’t baked bread for at least a year so when she saw the mixer on the counter she was squealing with excitement!

she waited patiently to get started, then i measured out the flour - she measured out the salt and yeast and crumbled it all together.

she added the water to the mix, but when it came to kneading the dough into a shaggy ball she’d had enough!  all the dough was sticking to her hands creating big monster mitts HA!  i got it under control for her… then she dove back in to roll it up.

we plopped it into the mixer and mae monitored the progress very closely…  she hates the “rising” part of baking… especially since our bread has to go through that stage TWICE!  but, i kept her occupied with mixing a cornstarch wash during the second rise and she was happy as can be.  here’s our lovely (and delicious) bread

we also got a lot of snuggling in today.  mae likes to make a little nest made of blankets, pillows, and her huge stuffed tiger in the middle of the living room, then we all have to cuddle with her in it <3

ahhh… i guess i’ll get back to knitting & try desperately to enjoy the last few hours of this perfect day.

i hope you had a fun-filled weekend to start the year off right!




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