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i swear, the sun was shining just for us!

wintery and blustery and only NINE degrees!  but the sun was shining so bright you would have thought it was a spring morning! my window…

the front entry…

brrrrr!  lucy didn’t have to go to school until late - a two hour delay because of the low temperatures.  mae and i joined hubs on a bike frame delivery and enjoyed hot beverages and cupcakes mmmm

once we were home, warm, and settled in we all had things on our list of “want to do”  of course things like grocery shopping and laundry are on the list of “got to do” but since we couldn’t find that list, those things did not get done.

chemo cap #3 made it off the needles tonight and i figured since we have alizah’s bestie staying with us all weekend, i’d better put her to work modeling!

i really, really, really LOVE the final cap and will be making more in this style - brioche or not!


the perfect recipe

miss norah