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almost too tired to browse

i’m exhausted - i mean, i might fall out of my chair and never finish this posting i’m so tired.

BUT, i’ve mustered the energy to browse web.  this is what i’m checking out today….

i LOVE THIS print, but then again everything in the shop is darling…

i will make THIS mine one day… just not today.

seriously?  i know i could probably put my needles together and make one of THESE, but i’d rather save the effort and pay this fine crafter.

i came across THIS post (from two years ago)… my heart went out to her!!! i wonder how/if it was ever resolved.

the boy and i were having a debate about zoos and things and came across THIS video!

THIS is the most inspirational item i’ve come across in a while.  it has my gears turning!

well, that’s all for now… time to close shop.

two today? this is getting out of hand!

the perfect recipe