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two today? this is getting out of hand!

yes, i realize this is my second post of the day - however, it’s warranted….

#1: as soon as we picked up alizah tonight we rushed home to celebrate her birthday!  yes, she’s the big one-zero today and has entered the world of double-digits. it’s very hard to believe i have lived through an entire decade of mother-hood (and she lived an entire decade being my child!  HA) and since we’ve accomplished this feat together i think we make a pretty damn good team.

#2: i thought i’d share a few of my top faves in the way of online yarn indulgence…

backwards loop!  oh dear malabrigo <3

knit picks, of course.  the prices are great and i love the color selections….

quince&co  ugh… puffin love.

ok… time to get back on those izzy legs!


dear yarn,

almost too tired to browse