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new additions.

one of our local yarn shops were having a store-wide sale today and i only walked out with three little bundles of woolly joy - not to mention i managed to spend less than $20!

these are the lovelies i couldn’t pass up


and since i’m working on a new pattern, mare thought it was a good idea to get this beauty and “gift” it to me in return for a (insert new pattern name here) made out of it!  LOL  oh, it’s lovely…


…and, i have more yarn on the way.  i’ll post pics when they arrive.

and i’m struggling to make it through the chemo cap turban for this week.  i still have about half way to go and it’s… FRIDAY.  UGH.  i’ve had so much going on this week… i’m going to plow through the rest tomorrow if it kills me!

ok… i think the four-year-old is torturing the newest member of the family… i hope everyone has a super fantastic weekend!

new additions, too.

dear yarn,