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family lines

when i was trying to get a good pic of alizah wearing the aviator cap tonight the hubs and i both saw her family lines shining through her ivory skin SO i thought i’d steal some of my auntie’s pics of the women we came from…

this is by far my favorite pic of my great grandmother and her brother!  her wedding pictures are amazing, but the expressions here are… well, perfect.  they came to the US from Sicily with their mother when my great grandmother was a pre-teen.  we have a tape recording of her telling their story of coming to america, which my grandmother was smart enough to get out of her before she was gone.  she lived to see three of her great-great grandchildren & died one month before i (her youngest great grandchild) gave birth to her fourth.

these are my amazingly gorgeous grandparents on their wedding day!   my grandmother is an amazing woman.  she’s smart, creative, gorgeous, and far more athletic than i’ve ever been.  i bet she could still whoop me on a tennis court :D  luckily, she’s still with us, still smart and creative and gorgeous.  i have some pics of her when she was much younger and it’s astonishing how much alizah favors her.  my grandfather was a detective and became chief of police in their northern illinois town.  he passed when i was 7 and it was a tremendous blow to the entire family.  he was - essentially - the glue.

this is the russo family before my sassy mother came along.  my auntie (the queen) and my uncle (the ventriloquies dummy)  were supposed to be the only russo children… SURPRISE!

here she is!  sassy suzie

and life just wouldn’t be the same without her.  alizah has MANY of my mothers habits and mannerisms as do i.  we’re three peas, for sure.  however, no matter how much we take after, look like, or behave like these women before us, we’re definitely the whitest, most freckled, reddest-headed in the blood line.  AAAHHHH recessive genes.

 thanks again to my auntie for posting these pics for me to steal ;)


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