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the next wave...

getting so many special orders completed just opened up the door for a new wave of project to flood in!  i have SO many projects rotting in my que that i’ll get to… someday, but for now i’m jumping on those friend and family requests BIG time.

1. mae’s boob.  this may be horrifying for some people but i tell you - this child never weaned properly!  she still begs to cuddle my boobs when she’s tired or upset or sick and no matter how i try, she won’t give up.  when i told her that her fourth birthday meant the end of boob cuddles, her response was that she just wasn’t going to be four then.  UGH  SO, i found this rad boob pattern .  she loves it!  she requested a purple boob so… malabrigo it is.


2. sherry’s shawlette.  my dad and his wife have been subtly requesting knitwear for about one hundred years.  i called them today to get some ideas and i’ve decided definitively on this pattern for sherry.  knitpicks merino style wool in eggplant.  perfect.


3. rick’s cowl.  he wanted this for his birthday… december 31st.  whoops!  i’m using the same concept as i did for hub’s, but rick’s is knitpicks wool of the andes, bulky.  it’s masculine and warm and perfect for a fireman!


4. alizah’s shawlette.  getting… difficult… to… work… on…  so many stitches and not enough patience right now (clearly)  i’m suffering from a horrible case of knitter’s ADD!  this yarn is glorious, though.  i think i’ll save up some money and head to my local yarn shop to buy her out completely!!!! it’s cascade eco-duo btw…


other than these four, i have a hat for my dad and one for my step-sister in the works.  i need to either free up some needles or just buy yet ANOTHER set to get started on those projects LOL


"thanks" never felt so good!

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