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home again, naturally



it was fantastic.  two cool, rainy days - one spent at the mall on bungees, one spent at wonder works where mama and grandma laid on a bed of nails.  

home again.  

cleaning to do, unpacking to do, re-packing to do, and life to resume.

i feel like i haven’t had a moment to just sit or think since we returned - i worked all day yesterday, then dinner with fantastic friends, today pumpkin patching (which is perfect for our picture challenge today - ORANGE!!!) so i’m squeezing in this moment while the girls are content and my coffee cup is full.

today is sunday.  the girls are leaving for florida tuesday afternoon.  they’ll all load up with the little girls i know and love and when they get home they will bring with them a new mae.  a big mae.  a FIVE YEAR OLD mae.  it’s hard to believe really.  next week my baby - our baby - the family baby is going to be a kid.  like, a real honest to goodness kid.

what a hard thing to accept as a mama.  babies grow up too damn fast.

i took this pic first thing in the morning yesterday in search of my challenge pic and i think it’s one of my all time faves of us.  she’s still so small.  she’s still such a babe.

if it wasn’t me there in the middle, i’d be totally jealous of those people.

in other news… i deleted my tumblr account.  what tumblr account you ask?  exactly.  hubs and the girls had lunch with me at the shop yesterday and we got to talking about blog land.  hubs has completely abandoned his blog.  goodbye.  he said he loves tumblr and won’t be going back.  i started thinking about it during our long spells of quiet, customer-less work hours and decided to start a new account.  the other side.  not the me here.  not really.  

so, i decided to play catch-up on my blog reading (the yarn harlot had some great posts by the way…) and TWO blogs are bidding farewell!  hmmm.  i’m not sure how i feel about this - selfish little me.  not i though.  not now or any time soon.  i just got back in the saddle and it’s not quitting time yet.  i’m glad to have a direction with the new tumblr account though.  before it was all weird knitting related stuff i’d find in interwebspace… now, i’m going toward the random musings of my life not completely related to anything i “DO” like crafting or mothering or gardening or whatevering…

maybe someday i’ll link it.  maybe.  until then.  xoxox


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