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ravelry link day! (special edition)

once again there are amazing things taking place in the minds of designers and they’ve been kind enough to share their spark with the rest of us.  here are some fun-tastic new patterns with emphasis on the little ones:

peacock jumper - for the mamas


honeybee - i linked to an article about these a while back and now the pattern is available!  wouldn’t they make an amazing mobile???

pebble dolls


wow meow

not new patterns, but worth the link 



little house

raindrop socks


alright, and for the special edition portion…  for heather.

hooded jacket for everybody looks intense, but good!

is this the one you were looking at?

child’s hood sweater

country classic

sleuthing (i love this one for him.  even the pictured colors are spot on!)

haru’s a vest, but worth a look!

(i hope this helps you on your quest for hoodie inspiration and i’ll keep an eye out for new ones xoxox)


i didn’t knit at all really the entire time we were in south carolina - just a bit in the car so, i needed the inspiration, too.   oh!  which reminds me… i need to post a pic of the little hat i whipped up.


it’s some of the first yarn i spun and dyed!  i must have made a boat load of it ‘cause i keep using it and the ball doesn’t seem to shrink much.  HA!

i made this little dollop hat right before we left.  it’s pretty stinking cute.  the color is actually a rich fuschia but it’s rainy and dark here so i don’t have any delusions of getting a decent pic for a while.

i made a couple mini ones of these to occupy my time last night but i need a larger project to dive into again.  it’s the ebb and flow of my focus i guess.


the girls are off on a road trip with my parents to disney… seriously.  for mae’s birthday.  UGH!  we think it’s gonna be so neat having all this time together to do what ever we want like…. OOOH  racebannon is playing with melt banana tonight and we could totally go! but then we curl up in bed with the dog in-between us and watch project runway and the walking dead and i knit and we order a pizza and eat that in bed, too.  then i fall asleep and hubs plays video games.  what… the… heck…

i woke up this morning with no one to drag out of bed or to fetch breakfast for or entertain and i realized the kids are pretty good motivators.  without them here i just feel like the laundry could sit there in that pile until the end of eternity.  but it won’t.  and hopefully hubs and i will find the spunk to go out and enjoy the freedom of being childless for nearly a week.  maybe we’ll actually go to a show.  maybe.

with that said, i think i’d better get off my butt and actually make that dang table cloth for the artisian boutique!!! xo love xo

a continuing crisis & minor hair rant.

home again, naturally