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hill climb

we headed out bright and early for the newport hill climb (and if i remember correctly, it was a BRISK 37 degrees!).  alizah got to ride in the front seat between bobby and steph on the way out… and bobby’s ‘64 buick housed the six of us quite comfortably.

when we first pulled in and got situated there were hardly any spectators so we spent the morning meandering the town, picking through all the vendor booths, checking out the sea of antiques, and occupying bounce houses without other little ones bumping about.  by early afternoon our bliss changed into chaotic hustle and bustle and mae had to take shelter on julie’s shoulders.

we finally made our way to the jail house to see what there was to see.  the jail cells themselves were strange and beautiful - really - but the sheriff’s chambers were the most interesting for me.  of course, i loved the typewriter, the clothes, the KNITTING BOX, the sewing machines, and the LOOM!!! it was stunning.  i could have moved in.

knitting box . wedding gown with bearskin shawl . children’s clothes, bedding, women’s shoes, and top hats

the sewing machine

jail cells and halls

the loom

i got a few pics of the library, but they just didn’t do the experience any justice.  oh, and did i mention i forgot my camera?  ya.  these are all iphone pics.  lord.  anyways!!! the books were guest logs, net worth of those standing trial, and medical logs.  to read the itemised lists of a man’s net worth was really quite enthralling.  i even had to drag alizah out of there as she grasped for the table.

mae was given the great privilege of riding in the front seat on the way home.  then she  passed out.  so did her sister and her daddy.  what a group!

the hill climb was also really amazing to watch but i’m not one to take a bunch of pictures of cars and motorcyles when there are looms and sewing machines from the 1800’s to be documented! 


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