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cloud nine & the mysterious aurora borealis

since being home and the girls being gone, then them being home we’re all just trying to get back into the swing of things and right on cue…. i drag. i swear. every time i’m supposed to be jumping in and getting back on track i get a severe case of the lazies. my camera has been totally dead for days and it’s going to stay that way because i’m too lazy to go to the store and buy batteries. this same affliction has caused me to not have a scrap of actual food in the house either. i refuse to wash another pair of underwear until all the clean clothes are put away because right now i’m too lazy to do it myself which means there are piles of dirty clothes lined up along the wall upstairs and piles of clean clothes lined up along the table downstairs and we’re at a stalemate. oh, and those people i live with have a CHRONIC case of the lazies, so this laundry thing is likely to ride out until i’m feeling more myself.  i’ve also been too lazy to actually sit at the computer! which, well, is quite shocking. any communication i’ve had with the world has been through my phone because i can use it while laying around. so, i guess it’s no surprise that i’ll be uploading most of my pics later since the phone cord thing isn’t within my view therefore it must be in some abyss and i don’t have any desire to look for it. you’ll have to take my word for it when i say i’ve actually been a busy bee in the knitting department! two pairs of hand warmers, one and a half windsock bonnets, and the beginnings of a soft knitted basket have come into being the past week. that can all wait.

little miss mae bird turned FIVE on sunday. crazy! the girls got home from florida sunday night and the first words out of her mouth, “i’m five now! nana told me last night that i was gonna be five today and i am!” she was taller and much more mature than she had been on tuesday (the last time i saw her) and i’m sure her hair grew. hubs and i read this hysterically funny post in honor of the occasion. we were on cloud nine having our girls back home. for about seven hours. monday morning alizah had school and i had hosts. we were up and out by 7:40am as usual but mae was beginning to stir and we were running out the door.

at 7:57 hubs sent me a text: umm yeah that warm, fuzzy excited feeling about the kids being home… yeah that’s gone.

i replied: ya… i figured as much. she’s overly tired. is she still having a fit?

hubs: well, she’s an asshole. yes. i layed with her, she kicked the shit out of me, i try to bring her in our room she tries to rip my face off, i try to put on a movie for her she throws it. fuck her. oh, now she wants me.

that was the last text. by the time i got home it was all sunshine and rainbows. that’s how it is dealing with five year olds you know… as soon as i hit the door she came running downstairs. “mommy! mommy! come see your five year old!” yes. such a tall, mature girl she has become.

so, monday. what a great crazy day. i babysat and mae was really pulling out the “i’m five now” persona with the little three year old. she was good. she was. i cooked dinner and we all ate and i sat to knit and the little guest got picked up by her daddy and i sent alizah off to bed. a moment. peace. hubs had gone out to smoke and poked his head in a few minutes later. in his most serious voice he asked me to come outside and look at something. i always know it’s serious when he calls me by my name. so, i stepped into the chilled air and looked up at a clear sky with a shocking number of stars. it was the first thing i noticed. i could see at least like, thirty. HA our sky is not like at my dad’s house where you see more star than you do night sky. then i saw what he saw. there were two large pink splashes on the sky… like a watercolor paining. it was really bazaar. i kept looking away and looking back just to see if my eyes were playing tricks on me. no. it was there. hubs was a little freaked out - i just figured it was the end of times or something and went back inside. it was too cold to be out there worrying if the sky was gonna fall on our heads.

tuesday morning hubs announced, “it was aurora borealis! it’s all over facebook and i guess it was on the news, too.” well, we don’t have tv and if we did we certainly wouldn’t be watching the news! aurora borealis. what is it with indiana? all sorts of weird things happen here that really don’t seem like they’re supposed to. since living here we’ve had THREE earthquakes. seriously. now northern lights. this place is nuts. i guess i’m right to blame everything on sunflares though. isn’t that what northern lights are anyways? the sun’s radiation hitting our atmosphere?

alright. i’ll leave you with the few pictures i have from the past week or so. if you’re so inclined, follow me on instagram. i am, of course, pinkbrutus. xo

knitting with mare

mae’s birthday hand warmers


wrist warmers #2 for a secret recipient

mae and dog hanging their heads out the window.  did i mention it was like 70 degrees yesterday?

hubs and dog taking up the bed.

my new face… mare gave me these awesome freaking frames!!!  i can’t wait to get lenses (squeal!)


is it too soon? ravelry link time again!

a continuing crisis & minor hair rant.