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rants unedited

alright.  first and foremost. poor hubs.  he was mortified that i would post his rant about mae on here for the world to see…. unedited… as if there are thousands of folks out there thinking he’s the worst father on earth but i think he’s really just worried about his mother who “frequents the blog, you know,”  so, i’ll clear up that all ranting done via text while snuggling and cooing to the child kicking you in the jaw is completely and utterly acceptable.  without a rant now and again most people would set fire to their husband’s clothes.  ehem.

also, i’d like to point out that if you can’t tell that your child is being a complete asshole once and a while, you’re in denial.  we ALL love our children.  dearly.  in case you’re unaware of my new “crappy pictures” addiction, i’ll share one of her posts that had me howling.  this was such a mae thing to do and i shared it with hubs imediately.  i’ll share it with you now.

so, until next time, happy parenting those rotten kids you’re madly in love with, happy knitting or spinning or crocheting or what ever you do in your spare time, and happy laughing, loving, and weeping with the fantastic people all around you… xo

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is it too soon? ravelry link time again!