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Today we....

Played with face paint, watched movies, knit, had a big turkey dinner with mare and her crew, and celebrated mae’s belated birthday & my early birthday with them.
How about you???

mae gave herself a “sleeve”

hubs and mae enjoying some relaxation at mare’s before the feast

our “hippie” kiddos.  i didn’t realize the very 60’s outfits these kids were wearing until later.  what a pair!

our mermaid hair girl… she was exhausted after an up-all-night sleep over

holdie and cash doin’ their thing

my early birthday gift from mare

mae’s birthday book.  seriously, i’m still amazed it exists AND that the pasley crew found it!  our little vampire bat girl was equally impressed.

mare took some really sweet pics of the kids.  maybe after she posts them, i’ll steal a couple to share. tee hee

i’m sufficiently exhausted now and should really be hitting the sack so that i’m not a zombie hosts mentor on Halloween.  but, before i do, i’d like to make it official.  we’re really and truly doing a KIL for this and this.  if you’re interested in joining in for either or both projects, please leave a comment with a link to your ravelry or blog or flickr or something so that we can all follow each other’s progress.  i haven’t decided when we’ll be getting started so keep checking back for and update on that.



31, hello.

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