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a brief hello

new stuff… tra la la la….

but really, i shouldn’t be eating up my time here.  i have so much still that needs to be done before our trip and blogging really isn’t one of them.  i got so much crafty work done - even bought supplies for my booth - display stuff and burlap and muslin and hopefully a table cloth with come of it…  wow.  i’m supposed to be making this brief - 

HOWEVER, mae asked me to take this pic today and i thought it was worth sharing.  sharing and remembering.

it’s crazy to see her with that pup… that monster of a PUP! and i think about the pics i had taken way back nearly a year ago when she was bigger than him and the terrible puppy times seemed endless.  don’t get me wrong, we still have terrible puppy times, but he’s mostly bigger than his mind tells him he is so he’s clumsy and awkward and is always in that spot he’s not supposed to be in (like my entire side of the bed).  he still eats my little ponies and chews the toes off baby dolls but he’s also our sweet guardian.  

off to fold another load of laundry. xo

Beach baby

photo challenge