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31, hello.

on the first day of my 31st year, i looked something like this.


i’ve been contemplating a new photo project for some time now, and here we are.  today is the day.  i’ve done the 365 projects in the past and to be honest, they’re exhausting.  and boring.  i thought i should just go back to basics for this one.  all me, my year.  i’ll give it an honest effort.   i’m hoping to document some terrible hair days and moments of questionable make-up and maybe see some beauty along the way, too.  after all, the most terrible things are often the ones we look back on and laugh about.  

so, my year.

also, i got my butt in gear and posted the discussion forum for the short row sweater knit along.  there is a link on the left sidebar or one here for easy access.  this forum is for anyone interested in a knit along and you can start and finish whenever it suits you.  no rules here people.  just fun.  anyone reading the blog can create posts and post replies.  so, don’t be shy.

i’m sort of scrambling right now to get some more baby knitting done for friends and families because due dates are looming.  i casted-on this last night and have already made great progress despite babysitting all day.   it’s a great little pattern and clearly a quick knit.  this is where i stopped last night:

now i’m almost done with both sleeves and ready to begin the body.  

in fact, that little sweater is calling me right now!  i’m off.  maybe the last couple hours of my birthday can be spent laying about with knitting in one hand and tea in the other. xo


p.s. photo updates on last post as promised!

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