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hello, hello.

we already celebrated thanksgiving.  there was a christmas tree and everything.

levi is the one with the wily tongue.  he’s our youngest nephew.

this is our oldest nephew & his lady love.  he’s making us old, you see.  old.  great-aunt you say???  yes.

today is cold and dreary and dark and really quite perfect for working except for that the children have gone completely bat shit crazy and are in the midst of a full blown war over a puzzle that has included stomping, screaming, hitting, and crying all within the past three minutes.  mae just said to alizah, “don’t look at me or i’m gonna hit your face and break your glasses.”  nothing but sisterly love here!

so, i guess instead of posting the ravelry links i have been accumulating, i’ll be going downstairs to stand between them with my hands on their foreheads while they grab and claw at one another.  if you have any fantastic links that deem sharing, please, do so below!  xo

ravelry link time! (finally)

the busiest of them