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success in twelve steps.

step one: apply for fair

step two: drive yourself mad with worry over having enough/sellable/desirable goods

step three: lose sleep

step four: have a mini break down while reheating chinese food

step five: go to fair and whine about how you’ll never do this again

step six: see amazing friends and family who make you smile and feel loved

step seven: put a bow tie on a cute boy.  he’ll sell boat loads of them

step eight: sell tons of stuff and have people coming to the table because they saw/heard you had this particular item that you are now out of. (sometimes you’ll get yelled at about this a little)

step nine: make new friends out of talented vendors around you

step ten: drop your sandwich on the floor

step eleven: confidently swipe cards with your iphone card reader (then swipe a few more times, then convince customer you’re not insane when you ask them to sign your phone with the pad of thier finger)

step twelve: load up less than you unloaded and drive home.

here are three of the fantastic vendors i met today. please give them a look. 

rana - her quartz necklaces are absolutely divine.

rhonda - the most delicious soaps… we bought some.

nick - sweetest guy with amazing talent.  i loved his ball jar ceramic pieces, but bought something for hubs instead.

of course, i stole these pics right off mare’s facebook page.   see that boy up there?  i’m telling you, he can sell anything.  total cuteness.

in other news… my dear friend travis came home from nyc and gifted me one of his handmade wears.

he’s a furniture designer by trade, but has recently begun making these veneer cuffs.  LOVE.  i’ll link to his wears if i ever get website info from him.  hint hint

now, i’m incredibly exhausted.  why do all my posts end that way?  off to relax - and make more bow ties of course. xo

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