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colder days

no better place.

tonight has been the coldest so far this season - or it seems that way.  i feel quiet and calm and sort of tired and ready for being piled under blankets.  first, i should be warming milk for hot chocolate.  the wind is howling outside and there’s snow.  it’s rainy, slushy, heavy snow.  the bird and i ran out to the grocery and my hands felt like they were being cut with knives.  wet and shaking with the wind whipping the heavy flakes in our faces we rushed toward the car.  i don’t like this kind of snow.  i like the dry airy type that’s worthless for snowball fights.  it’s crisp and delicate.

how the feeling in the house has shifted since last week.  last week was bustling and busy with fair preperations.  i didn’t have time for chores or makeup and every moment my fingers were frantically stitching away.  this week is settled.  i made six new bowties - somehow - quietly without thinking.  for the first time in years i’m eager to put up the tree and have stringed light’s warm glow resting on our cheeks.  maybe it’s because we’re boycotting consumer christmas this year.  maybe it’s because for the first time ever i’m feeling a swell of gratefulness for what we already have.

i’m ready for you, december… and all you may bring.

some days are yellow, some are blue

success in twelve steps.