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some days are yellow, some are blue

today began like many thursdays:

hubs took alizah to school and once returning home, mae ran upstairs to see if mommy was awake and to jump on her head.  i could hear the tell-tale clinking of (my) coffee being stirred, then footsteps carefully climbing the stairs.  hubs put my coffee on the bookshelf and greeted me with tired eyes and half a smile.

then mae and pup curled up next to me and i grabbed my phone to capture the moment.

sweet, huh?  this is when mae said to me, “our dog is like a human.  maybe he has a human inside him… or batteries.”

i burst out laughing and quoted her on instagram in a snap.

the day progresses.  and as i do most thursdays, i babysat colton and teeny.  they played patiently while i finished and photographed booties for one on nate’s friends.  then they watched me wash mae’s hair in the sink, apply lots of mouse, and blow dry it.  have you seen that kids hair?  without a routine like that it looks like a hot mess.  she sat on the counter checking herself out for a couple minutes, stroking her locks and making sure she was looking super cute, then all three ran down the steps to show hubs.  colton said to him, “does she look like i new woman?”  response?  laughter.

then, as a reward for all of their patience, park.

after the park and before picking alizah up, i stop at the post office to mail those booties i mentioned up there ^ 

all three kids think it would be a really fantastic idea to eat the icy, nasty, dirty snow on the lawn in front of the post office.  i stand there with the door open yelling for them to quit… they finally remember they can hear me and file in.  we get in line and the woman in front of us instantly comments on the little girls and their baby dolls.  this woman was kind but old and the children were not interested in holding a conversation with her.  the woman behind us mentions the snow and says her kids are really excited about it, too.  her son was eating it yesterday.  we chit-chat a moment and then… the awkward silence which teeny breaks by holding up her baby and saying to this nice young woman, “my baby bite me on the finger.”  the woman looks at me and i shrug like, i don’t even know this kid.  then she continues on, “she got SPANK in the car bite my finger!”  uh… hahaha… uh. i can see the judgmental stares coming from all directions so i just stare at my box and mutter something like, “meh kids heh…” because all these people already think i have three kids like, 10 months apart or something and now i beat them for biting fingers.  what evs.  that’s why i love those two.  they’re just as crazy as my own children.

alright.  it’s been a strange and funny and super entertaining day so far but we were headed to pick up alizah which meant homework and housework and that’s usually pretty lame.

as soon as we walked in the door mae asked alizah to put on a particular computer game for her.  they headed upstairs - then i heard some screaming but the garbage disposal was running and i figured if it was bad enough one of the other little ones would surely run down to tell.  disposal off, screaming over.  then alizah saunters down the steps and plops down at the counter.  i asked what all the screaming was about and she says, “oh, i just couldn’t get that game to work and mae was mad.” hmph.  good enough explanation for me.  then she went on, “so, mae took her jacket off and said, ‘you want this?’ so i said, ‘sure, let’s go!’ (alizah put up her fists in fight stance), then we wrestled and she scratched me and i pulled her hair.”  OK… i guess they worked it out.

the rest of the night was pretty quiet.  letters to santa and what have you.

the girls were soundly sleeping and hubs and i had just finished “life in a day” which i highly recommend watching - it’s on netflix streaming… and i started reading the yarn harlot’s recent post LINK! outloud to hubs while we sat together on the couch.  i was laughing to tears most of the way through - ehem - because i just got more yarn today and i’m in the midst of holiday knitting and i was on the phone with every local yarn store in search of a particular color way yesterday and no one has it and i was about to have an emotional break down…. and you know, she knows what she’s saying - so just as i finished reading the lengthy post, my phone bleeped.  text from husband saying, “must only be funny to knitters.”  bwahahaha!  i should just go to sleep and end this day on a high note.  OR take a shower.  ooooh.  options.



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