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moving along stitch by stitch... themes this week.

i’m sick.  sort of.  i sneezed yesterday and in that one act i brought forward dormant cold symptoms.  i got to work.

this, my dear friends is an elixir of sorts made with ginger, apples, lemon, and yellow carrots.  i made the mistake of adding a bit of honey on my first go around - this nearly made me vomit.  somehow this 100% all natural cold smashing treat tasted exactly like honey lemon halls which i have horrible memories of.  SO, no honey on the second go around and it was much better.  even though i’m still feeling slow and strange and a bit feverish with headaches, this is no average court cold.  usually colds hit me like a hammer and i’m down for days.  i’m a real sissy when it comes to being sick - so i guess the fact that i’m sitting here typing this is proof that this stuff is doing it’s job.  if you’d like the exact details on how this concoction came to be, just let me know… 

as i was going through my pics i noticed the themes for the week…

healing beverages…. or, healing for me.  wine, tea, coffee, and essence of gelfling as i’ve come to call it.

there are a lot of pretty girls that spend their time at this house. (check out mae’s christmas mittens!  she’s gonna die when she finds out they were really for her after all)

a constant theme - knitting.  mae has decided to learn after seeing pics of this little one.  i’m really loving his blog right now by the way.  he reminds me so much of the boy - his sense of humor and writing style is perfection.  tonight as i sat down to write this hubs burst into the bedroom asking if i heard mae.  no, of course i didn’t… “she said, ‘daddy, leave me alone!  i’m knitting here!’ i just can’t win in this house with you women!”  nope.  sorry, babe.  i finished mae’s little shawl and have been whipping up the tiny bow earrings for shits and giggles.  they’re cute.  alizah wore her pair to school today and all the girls wanted a pair.  so cute.  i was also thinking of writing up a quick little pattern for that shawl.  i knit it on the fly, but i could write it up easy enough.  is it worth the effort?

printing with mae.  we were on a full blown ink type/setting method mission early in the week and i think our experiments are going to pay off.  she was so funny with her bicycle helmet on… hubs came downstairs after i posted the pic on instagram and said to mae, “do you know you look like a crazy person here?”  and she burst out laughing.  she definitely inherited our sense of humor.

ten days ‘til christmas… and i have one more gift up my sleeve.  it’s been agony not being able to post about it because i fear the recipient will see it and the entire surprise will be a bust so, i’ll post all about it after the holiday.  OH, and i’ve been updating my twitter again if anyone is interested.  not feeling well makes it hard to drag my butt up to the computer and twitter is the perfect medium for a phone internet-er. until next time xo


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