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DELLIE test knit

hello friends!  dellie is done.  mae put on the sweater this morning after throwing a major fit about it and voila!  as soon as she slipped her arms in she declared her love.  yes!  we had a super knitting play date with mare and her boys and i requested a mini photo shoot.  of course, mare accepted this - ehem - challenge.  though you’d hardly know it from the amazing pictures mare got, mae is a very difficult child to photograph unless it’s completely on her terms.

this is my fave of the group.  a very, very mae pic indeed.

but here are a couple of the super fantastic moments mare captured

ya, it’s hard to believe it’s the same kid… but wait, this isn’t really about her at all!  

this is about dellie and she’s ready to be tested, people!  i don’t really have a deadline so this isn’t a rush test.  let me know if you’re interested via my contact page.  make sure you have your email address on there and what size you’re interested in testing.  right now i think i have all the bugs worked out of the 5T and i’ll have patterns for 2T, 3T, & 4T by tomorrow afternoon.

thanks, all.  i’m excited about this one, and millie is nearly done, too.  *squeal*

(and especially thank you to mare because you’re freaking awesome.)



the first one

this christmas