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it’s all been a blur the past few days really.  i’m feeling crazy - all over the place and i can’t seem to focus.  i love my little plant.  it’s getting so big and it makes beautiful shadows on the wall for me to stare at while i knit.  here’s the same little plant not so long ago.  i guess if i can focus on that plant, it’s a start, right?

hubs is still on his anxiety meds and i don’t know if they’ve been a blessing or a curse.  we’re teetering on the edge here.  he’s calm for sure.  no more pacing, no more phone calls day and night, no more hours and hours on the computer doing who knows what.  that’s good.  but these meds make him nauseas and he sleeps until 2 most days.  he has so much work to do and we’re so freaking broke and his motivation has been devoured.  he’s also on meds to quit smoking now.  maybe it’s the mix.  i don’t know.  i’m gonna try to keep my chin up though it seems to be getting heavier and heavier.  

too much weight has been tumbling down lately.  it’s making it hard for me to stay nestled in the warm feelings of the season.  we still haven’t put up the tree.  maybe we should do that tonight.  move some things around.  change the environment.  that usually sets me straight.

i’ve been on the needles day and night because there is a bright side.  i swear it.  i have a meeting on wednesday about getting my wears set up in a real life retail shop.  like, one that people drive to, park, go into, and buy things at.  it’s pretty neat.  it makes work though.  lots and lots of it.  i still have plenty of christmas knitting to button up, too. and speaking of holiday knitting, my step-brother’s hat is finished (bottom left) and it’s pretty amazing.  i can’t wait to gift it to him - and like the wise yarn harlot once said, “every person who receives said gift of time and talent should be nothing short of stunned with joy and gratitude” so he better fucking love it.

the boy’s folks are in london which means i’d been taking lots of goofy pictures at work.  he should be posting his pics soon (hint!)

remember travis and that beautiful cuff he gifted me?  here’s that link i was waiting for!  check out his stuff.  he’s pretty great. xo

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