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sometimes predictable can be a bad thing.

and sometimes it can be wonderful.

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today was unseasonably warm and sunny - i had the windows open, knitting in one hand, coffee in the other, and i (finally) tackled the growing mountains of laundry.  i’d say the majority of the day was so beautifully peaceful and breezy it melted most of my woes away.  

the kitties were just as ticked as i was to have the windows open.  they spent the afternoon watching the few remaining birds zip along the bushes.  OH, and the occasional gust of wind knocking over cups and blowing paperwork off the counter was quite literally a breath of fresh air!

oh mae.  lovely lovely mae sporting her new ‘do.  this is a great representation of her mood all week.  she’s been quite the little terror, but i suppose fighting a fever nearly every day will do things to a person.

i spun this yarn today.  OH merino OH OH OH i love you.  i’m getting so much more comfortable on the wheel!  man!  the more i sit and meditate on the fluff the more uniform my singles are getting.  i LOVE it.  of course, i’m far from mastering this skill, but progress is progress.

hubs and i were so very looking forward to a mini road trip and child-free weekend (the first in four years) but alas, the not so wonderful predictability of life crept up on us.  and after such an amazing day!  so, our mini road trip is cancelled (for now) and our child-free weekend is a bust, but maybe it’s just as well.  maybe the sun will be out again for us tomorrow.


i haven't run away.

more spin, less twist