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ice day! 2.2.11

my boss gave me the day off after i called and let him know i wouldn’t be risking my life to come in… so

after we finally broke free from our house (the front door was iced shut!) we explored the strange world outside.  after the strange sleet-ish hail-ish situation last night, it rained, then snowed making for a very interesting landscape.  of course, as soon as alizah’s stepped a foot out the door, she was on her butt.  poor kid!  mae didn’t do much better.  she was down a few times…  the pup would barely walk and stayed between my legs the entire time i was out with him and when the neighbor let his dog out, the little guy came rushing out the door full speed, then slid and spun all the way past the house next to theirs!  

OH MAN!  pics just don’t do it justice.  see all of the ice under the truck??? it was nuts!

this ice slab came off the hood of hub’s truck!  WOAH.  he was out there hammering it for about a half hour trying to get all of the ice off.

i’m not at all looking forward to going into work tomorrow, buy my mama promises the roads are fine… well, the main ones anyways.  

peace and quiet.

puppy love