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a long week and longer weekend.

have i ever been excited for monday?  well, no.  not until today.

this weekend was supposed to be a blissful child-free adventure weekend, but as usual life got in the way of my plans.  mae staying the weekend with my in-laws was a complete disaster.  they brought her home after about five minutes. and instead of heading south to visit our wonderful far away friendies the hubs began running a fever and bed was his only destination.  alizah was in california visiting her dad for the weekend, but before she left the pup ate her glasses so i put on my cape and did some super-mom maneuvers to get her new ones in time for her flight.  then they hit a bunch of delays, the airline lost their luggage, and she was exhausted.

there were, however some perfect moments.  seconds of absolute calm.

now to get on with it… life that is.   dinner is on the stove, the dog is attacking the little one, and i still have a picture to take for today.


where would i be without you?

i haven't run away.