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peace and quiet.

i’m still plowing through laundry and there are dishes in the sink but i got some major cleaning projects done today.  the hubs was a huge help - cleaning downstairs AND mopping???? woah!

mae has contracted what ever illness alizah had at the beginning of the week so the poor thing woke up with a fever and sore throat.  she slept most of the day and didn’t eat much more than a couple spoonfuls of chocolate ice cream.  poor little girl.  alizah stayed in her pajamas all day and lazed about enjoying the peacefulness.  even the pup spent most of the day sleeping so that he could wake up around 8:30 and terrorize the house!  such a silly little dude.


i made a little progress on these baby pants for our friends, but why oh why does ribbing drive me insane on dpns!?!?!  i only have 10 rounds left on the right leg… maybe i’ll just force myself to get it done tonight.  i’m a chronic project non-finisher…  i have all these lovely new hanks of yarn just staring at me, but i will NOT touch them until i get some of the project pile knocked down.  the shawlette was a big one, and it really turned out beautifully (it’s going to be very hard to give away LOL!) and these little pants are so close i just need to keep my positive momentum going.

i had started a shawl for alizah, but i really hate the pattern.  it’s boring me half to death, so after months of work…. i think i’m going to rip it out.  it’s so very hard to do, but once it’s done it will no longer be laying there in an ugly heap.  the yarn is so lovely, too - that cascade eco-duo - it deserves to become something gorgeous!  alizah deserves it, too.  she’s been waiting for such a very long time.

plus, there are tons of little hats and things for friends that i just keep staring at.  why can’t i buckle down and finish them?  maybe my multi-knitting just got away from me.  during the hail and high winds i was outside scraping and realized i had no hat, no mits, no scarf… i thought, “what the hell kind of knitter am i!?”  so, maybe once i get some of these wrapped up i’ll use some of that gorgeous new yarn to knit something for MYSELF!

i keep finding myself here.

ice day! 2.2.11