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turn around

my 365 for today was a pic of mae and me in the tub (see it HERE), but there are so many cute ones, i think i’ll share a couple more.  

yes.  well water.  how i love the way it turns every perfectly white object it touches yellow.

little backs.  love.

behind the scenes note: while in the tub she noticed mommy’s legs - which i’ll admit i haven’t really been shaving like i should due to it being 3 degrees outside and i don’t care how hairy my legs are - and she says to me, “holy moly!  you’re legs are like a dude’s!  let me wash that off for you.”

my mae.  bird.

her story.

mae is my difficult, opinionated, loud, and stubborn child.  she has the capacity to be the most thoughtful and loving child i’ve met in my life and the most infuriating.

some things that make her especially unique:

she has super powers.  at night, luke skywaker goes in her room and they fight bad dudes, then .  apparently wookies don’t iceskate because their feet are too big.  on fridays, she goes to work.  this is where she uses her super power of FIRE to fight bad guys.  mae is very careful not to eat or drink anything that will potentially extinguish this fire.  i’m always delighted when i set her dinner plate in front of her, watch her take a bite, and hear her joyfully squeal, “mommy!  this doesn’t put my fire out!”

she loves to sleep in ONLY on the days when everyone else is up and trying to get somewhere on time. sunday morning she’s up before the sun and ready for the day. 

she wears boy clothes, including underwear and declares it acceptable.  her favorites include a yellow t-shirt with a motorcycle on it and an safety orange t-shirt she got as a souvenir at a monster truck show. 

she remembers every single thing, so be careful what you say to her.  mom, if you’re reading this, she just reminded me last night that you’re supposed to take her on a boat - and you’re going to eat fish. she also enjoys telling people the story of when mommy burnt the tacos and cried (from last winter).

she tells us a lot of stories about grandma acey?  or a.c… i don’t know.  grandma acey was her old grandma who died.  she was fat and grandpa was skinny.  grandma acey was her grandma when she had her other mommy and daddy and after she and her grandma got in a car accident, grandma acey died in the hospital.  sometimes she mixes it up and tells us that she and grandma acey fought robots together and that she drove a gasser hot rod.  i mean, i guess she could have!

finally (for now), two words: hot chicken.

maela loves hot chicken (buffalo wings).  she’s been gnawing these little things since she’s had teeth.  every night we ask her what she’d like for dinner, “hot chicken”  sunday afternoon, “mae, what do want for lunch?” “hot chicken”  there was a time we would oblige her about once a week and go to “the hot chicken place” but we just can’t take it any more!

her powers go beyond her super ones.  often times i wonder what we’ve done to deserve this stubborn little person hanging around.  it must have been something wonderful.


i keep finding myself here.