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i’m sick of the sickness.  i swear.

i’m showered, i’m posting about 37 365 pics and various other updates from before falling off the face of the earth, but to read that the sitter’s little one is sick again, too?  this is it.  i’m wrapping the house in cellophane and no one is coming or going until may.



before mae began running a fever (yet again) we enjoyed a lovely day with mare and the boys…  cashew is a unicorn therefore he is very difficult to catch on film.

after this we went to see the sweetest new baby!  why didn’t i get ONE decent picture of her??? hmmm

we even got some much needed organizing & painting done around the house!


and THEN, 


i fell off the planet.

i’m back… for now.

i just sneezed and - well, i better not say.

with the way the illness has been revisiting my loved ones, i’m going to enjoy being well for as long as it lasts.

please forgive me for posting the 365 pics from the last zillion years today.  they’re in the gallery (left side bar)

diagnosis: bronchitis

one foot in front of the other...