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hello again.

busy is an understatement.

i finally uploaded all of my 365 pics… here are some more highlights from the past week or so:

yums!  i love how this spun up… now, what to knit???

mae being a big girl & going down the BIG slide!  eeek

and of course, that one legging is still done and waiting for it’s mate…. the pic is here



i’m planning and making decisions…. and working.  making time to write patterns is still challenging and MUST be done.  

one major decision?  i’ve decided to end my family’s love affair with the television.  i didn’t have cable or what not until i met hubs.  it was the first order of business for him and we’ve had tv’s around for the past six years or so.  i can’t stand the endless chatter - kid shows we’ve all seen every episode of twelve times or that crap we all end up watching because (even with 180 channels) there isn’t a single interesting thing on.  i hate coming home and even though not a single soul is watching, every television in the house is on (including the ones in both bedrooms).  this is unfathomable.  i can hear three different shows at once from my bed!  i have plenty more pet peeves about the tv (including hubs waking me from a dead sleep by turning it on) but it will all be the past soon.  PHEW!  we had “no tv friday” yesterday and neither girl asked to watch even once!  how proud i am of those two.  the hubs will have a much harder time, and i understand.  however, with hulu, netfix, and our home wireless network, he should be able to spend plenty of mindlessly blissful time in front of the boob tube.

AND, spring oh glorious spring is coming.  it is.  i swear it.  mae and i got some seeds in the ground - lettuce, spinach, broccoli, radishes, and peas.  i have the calendar mapped out for planting and harvesting schedules, and we’ve planted the jalapenos in the window planter just this evening.  mae also chose corn, greenbeans, green onions, and sugarbaby melons this year in addition to the usual herbs.  i can’t WAIT.  tomatoes will come later and i may try getting some berries.  

just for fun….

since the boy posted this i thought it would be fun to post some pics of her from today.  the girl and i were suffering because it was warm and lovely and the sun was shining brightly and we were stuck at the shop with every loon in a 30 mile radius.  it was a hard day for the girl and me, but this was partly worth it.

yes, yes, i know.

keyword: courage