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yes, yes, i know.

i haven’t been around, and i haven’t been taking many pics…   

SO, i’ve been knitting my little fingers to the bones and forcing my brain to compute tons of equations, and this is what i’ve got:

a single slipper modeled against my horrifyingly white flesh.  sorry… it’s march.

i LOVE this design.  i love this design so much i can’t wait to get the final yarn to arrive for the project so that i can knit it all over again!  HA!  there is a certain amount of weight this entire endeavour has carried but i’m up for the challenge.  i hate paperwork and submissions but this is important enough.  i can’t sit idly by waiting for something to happen to me.  life isn’t just going to come along and plop down in my lap. hubs has been working his buns off to keep his business chugging along and after six years of my support of him following his passion, he is returning the gift.

now for those test knitters….

i also finished mare’s shawlette.  i couldn’t bear another moment of that lace edging because for some reason the grouping of eyelets along with the knit-this-part-so-many-times-within-that-part was making my brain over-heat - so, i cut it off short.  mare won’t hold it against me… and OH how lovely, light, and soft it is!  alizah asked if we could just go ahead and keep it, but of course we will not.  mare will look gorgeous in it.

i casted on this bag last night.  PERFECT market bag.  are you reading this?  do you knit?  are you a ravelry member?  why aren’t you adding it to your que NOW?  i love it so much i’m spinning up some yarn just to make another.  the only down-side?  i’ve been reading comments from those who chose to use the suggested yarn and most were not too thrilled with it for the project.  i’m sure there is other linen or linen blend out there that would be a better fit.

my version with that lovely seafoam and bfl i spun a while back…

while i was trying to take a pic of the in-progress bag, cap decided it was time for puppy glamour shots.

what a stinky little ham bone.  he’s getting to be a very, very big puppy but we still love him.  mae says she especially likes his white “mittens”  *CUTE*  he goes to the shop with hubs every day and mucks it up in the vast dirtyness of it.  the endless flow of old car guys coming in to rub on him and give him bones isn’t too bad either.  spoiled rotten pooch!

in other news, mae has requested a hammock bed???  i’ve done a little research online but the question is… buy one for $40 and shell out $130 for a frame or make one and suspend it from studs???  so far i’m thinking we should wait for some killer sale on one with a frame at big lots or something and “re-work” the hammock for her.  any ideas?  any experience on the matter?  it’s her newest obsession and i’m sure her sister will be following suit.


drag, drag, drag

hello again.