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drag, drag, drag

first off, check out this update!  HA

i keep blaming the daylight savings time for my dragging, but i think it’s time to accept the fact that i’m stressed and need more b-1.  alright, accepted.  now i can move on with life.

this past week was a full one!  it was packed with beautiful moments and terrible ones.

we had the most beautiful 70 degree weather blow through making it possible for us to sleep with the windows open for the first time in months.  what a treat!  of course, i hoped my off days would be just as sunny and warm, but they were cold, dreary, and rainy.  i’m trying not to pout about it ;)  spring is coming and that’s enough.

mae baked & decorated cupcakes for st patty’s day and they were super-d-duper delicious.  what a talented little super hero she is!  we were up pretty late trying to get them finished… just another reason this work schedule is driving me batty! 

i’ve been spinning some natural bfl and white merino to gear up for my next market bag.  the plan is to make it a mini knit along - the boy, the girl, and me.  it will be something different for both of them and i’m really excited about it.  the first bobbin of the yarn is finished and it is GORGEOUS

for the terrible? i had an unfortunate experience this week with people i’ve considered friends until this point.  at first i was so angry i tossed and turned thinking about how to sever ties, how i should have handled the situation, and how i fail my children.  after a couple days i realized i have the perspective to see the good in any situation and this was no different.  here’s the scoop…

i’m notorious for seeing as many angles as possible in every situation.  this one? on one hand, mae threw one of her epic fits - one that warranted being reprimanded.  on the other hand, they had far out-stayed their welcome - we hadn’t even had a chance to eat dinner and it was 8:30pm.  

my mother always says, “never, ever, under any circumstances put your hands on someone else’s child.”  i have to agree.  they obviously do not.  one spanked her and the other threw a foam toy at her head and said she hated her.  ya… you read that right.  the look on mae’s face said it all.  her eyes swelling and lips pursed she was holding back tears and hiding her hurt.  i stood there stupidly in shock.  i ushered them out and scooped mae up into my arms.  i rocked her and told her how much i love her and that i would never hate her.  she’s a strong little person and told me it was ok.  she wanted to take a bath so in the tub she went.  we snuggled in bed after and we talked about what had happened.  i told her how hurtful it is when she says she hates me or daddy or anyone even when she’s angry.  she told me they had hurt her feelings and i said i knew.  then she asked why i didn’t yell at them and i couldn’t answer.  what a fail.

so, what’s the good in this situation you ask?  having people around who don’t see children the way i do makes me realize even more how special and spectacular they are.  it makes me want to squeeze my kids and sing their praises.  adults are terrible.  adults have motives and secrets and do things out of pure spite.  adults are stupid, insecure, and often self-righteous.  honestly, i can’t stand most of them.

now, back to my relatively splended life….

the yarn i need to knit up my final slippers showed up yesterday and i can’t wait to get started.  getting this pattern finished and submitted is going to ease a lot of my tension.  that is on the top of my to-do list for today!  

this is how our day began:

i have high hopes for it continuing this way.  

this is such a narrow slice of time - being with our children, enjoying them as much as we can, and loving them through the fits and the fun.

another day

yes, yes, i know.