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back home... and all that

we’re back!  and i’d love to stay and share all the stories of our adventures, but since the maniac four-year-old is destroying her bedroom (and baby oil is involved) it will have to wait  until i have time to really get down to the knitty gritty.  SO, enjoy some pics.  of course, i have no time for cropping or editing either.  enjoy my toes, too :D


thank the heavens for portabe dvd players and red box!


mae’s “rocket”  she loved this thing!


alabama may have been one of the strangest places i’ve ever been (story coming soon) but it did deliver us warm breezes and sunshine on the way down!

whip that hair, girlie!


alabama gas station… mae didn’t want to leave.  such a silly girl!


hello florida!!!

bridge to gulf breeze

evening swim after a LONG five state drive….

first steps onto the beach

the cool elephant fountain near the loby.  so cute! (this is totally a grandma picture btw, but i don’t care)

the entire day was spent in the pool or on the beach where mae enjoyed having hermit crab races and swimming with a swan, and mommy got REALLY sunburnt watching it all happen.  i’ll upload pics from my phone at some point, too because the pic of mae buried in the sand is rad.



vanishing act of an invisible girl