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keyword: courage

so, we’re all up.  we’re all moving.  we’re all normal (strangehower normal, that is) and coming out of this mini hibernation i feel refreshed, rejuvenated, and full of direction.  

hubs and i had a talk.  we talked about where we are and where we were and where we are headed.  what a wonderful blessing!  we haven’t sat next to each other and spoke or not spoke for so long i can’t even remember when…. because our time has been eaten up!  every waking second devoured.  you hear people talk about married life and how things change and you drift apart because of work and kids and all those “demands” like cooking dinner? and when you’re first wed you think it’s impossible.  now i see it is not only possible,  it sneaks up so silently you don’t even realize it until one day you’re whole family is drug down with illness and you finally stop rushing around like crazy people and you find yourself sitting next to a man you forgot you knew.

talking for a few minutes was good.  it was enough.  we made a pact, we caught up, and we felt happy.  he played a video game and i knit and we just sat there next to each other.

so… where are we?  the same exact spot we were six years ago.  i’m busting my ass working a full-time job that i enjoy just enough not to quit.  he’s following his passion and if he has money coming in, it’s just icing BUT,  i’m sick of being the cake.  being the cake is making me sad and irritable.  this is where courage steps in.  SO, change is on the horizon for this little family.  we’ve all been prepped on what’s to come and we have all pledged to move forward on this quest.

as for all those millions of 365 i have waiting to be uploaded?  they can wait some more.  don’t worry.  there’s nothing interesting.  like i said, the highlight of this week has been sitting on the couch. 

hello again.

diagnosis: bronchitis