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weekend wonders

our weekend nights aren’t filled with bars and shows… if we’re lucky, they’re filled with baby visiting!  our friends make some pretty cute kids (in case you haven’t noticed).

i also spent some zen time out in the garden.  

if you’re horrified by the top left pic (all the sunflower sprouts i had to “weed” from the garden bed) have no fear!  the pic on the right shows all the sprouts i kept!  LOL  who knew last year’s honey bear sunflowers would try taking over the entire yard!?  i found my first garden pest and made sure he was released safely (and far from my garden)… and because of our PERFECT spring weather (rain, warm, sun, repeat) my garden is springing to life.  the little peas are just the bees knees - some already have tiny vines (squeal!)

…and i made this

it’s not finished yet, though.  i’ll be going through the process all over again.  since i started spinning a couple months ago i’ve been struggling along working most of it out through trial and error before finally just buying a book!  a book is a book and it’s not going to get my singles even or my twist right but it is going to tell me secrets about plying - chain plying to be exact.  it seems simple enough since i’ve only been making 2-ply.  so far i LOVE the way it looks.  unlikely pairs tend to be my favorite in the end and these two colors are definitely an unlikely duo.

sundays.  i love our quiet day lounging around the house with the widows open and the wheel spinning.  this fam of mine might be a rag-tag team of misfits but i’m quite fond of every last one of ‘em.

it must be the weather

extra credit.