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it must be the weather

i’ll blame spring because… well, i can.  i feel like i’m caught in the in-between right now.  i’m ready to move forward and then i pause.  i do that sometimes.  it’s comfortable to sit still, to stay put, to live in the rut because i know the rut.  the rut and i have been close for some time now and there’s a huge mound in my way.  i’m lazy and don’t like climbing mounds.  i need to though… SO, it’s time to just run and jump!  





i haven’t been keeping up here and it nags at me (well, mostly just the thought of editing and posting the zillion and two 365 pics) but, i will.  soon i’ll be able to post more and i’ll upload my 365 pics regularly and i’ll have time to do the laundry and drag the steam cleaner out and wash the windows and sort the three bins of socks i’ve been ignoring.  that will be good and fresh and uplifting.  actually, by then it will be hot and i’ll be too tired to do most of those things so i’ll lay on the floor with the dog and stare at my spinning wheel and think about baking.  that will be good too.  i’ll have things growing outside to stare at and keep myself occupied with.

in knitty news, i concocted a shawlette this week using some of my handspun yarn.  no pattern?  no problem.  i have a ton of little things sitting in my ravelry que just waiting for me to cast on and i’m eager to get moving on some of them but i wanted to get the shawlette and market bag off the needles first.  now that those are done it’s time for me to figure out what to cast on next!

these days

weekend wonders