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just checking in!  if you haven’t see the boy’s NEW BANNER… just go now… um… i’ll wait.




isn’t it amazing!?!?

first ever chain/cable ply yarn??? done.  i love it.  i knit a tiny swatch when i got home tonight just to check the guage.  7sts to the inch in stockinette on size 4 needles?  that seems tiny to me.  i think it’s my biggest spinning accomplishment to date -  to spin a 4-ply yarn that light weight…

my darling friend evan (REMEMBER HIM) stopped at the shop today to pick up some supplies.  i asked him if he was interested in seeing what i’d been working on and of course he said he was, so i trotted over to him grinning proudly and thrust the hank toward him.  he looked at the hank.  he looked at me - expressionless - and said, “that’s just yarn.”  damn skippy.

remember THIS HOT MESS???  more spin, less twist indeed.  i love that blue.  i kettle dyed that hank and the blue was divine, but that yarn!  that twist!  ugh!  i hung it on the rack amidst all the other hanks and i just stood out like a sore thumb.  last night it got the better of me and i knew something must be done.  i had finished the yarn by alternating hot and cold baths & agitating so i hoped it had felted enough to hold together.  if not?  well, i figured i’d worry about it later if it came to that.  i ran it through the wheel un-spinning it and amazingly enough, it became beautiful!  i knit this little elvish bonnet with it and still have plenty to spare.

also, i have MISS LAUREN working on the FRANCIS FLATS.  she already found some errata!!!!  Round 7 should be knit all the way around.  NO INCREASES!  lord…

now, for sleep.  as mae says, my eyes are firey.


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