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three wishes

mare had a birthday… 

i know it’s impossible to tell from these pictures, but i’m sure there were approximately three hundred of us.  it was a complete mad house.


i spun this


i started THIS with some handspun…

spun worsted 2-ply undyed merino & bfl


wishes are good.  they’re healthy and promote growth.

here are three things i’ve been wishing for this week:

1. a yard full of sheep and chickens…

instead of wasting countless hours of my life scouring the internet for affordable fiber and trying to figure out when i can attend a “local” fiber fest i could just walk out the back door and sheer!  no, not as easy as i’m making it sound, but a wish all the same.  the chicken wish is half coming true with our discovery of a small farm house just down the way with a giant “FRESH EGGS” sign.  maybe it’s best they care for the birds and we just reap the rewards ;)

2. spring cleaning fever

i think i should drag every last item onto the front lawn and just power wash the inside of our house.  no… that wouldn’t really help the situation, but the musty dusty smelling carpet is going to drive me to my brink.  i’ve tried baking soda and carpet dust stuff and i’ve steam cleaned and kept the windows open every chance i got and this stink just won’t go!  why?  well, hubs and the cap work in a dusty musty shop all day and drag their dusty musty butts into the house to spread the dusty musty stink.  maybe i should just get used to it.

3. a sign from the heavens

yep.  i wish for a sign from the heavens.  at this very moment we are teetering on the edge and our decisions today will shape our future drastically.  once i decided to take the leap and leave the comfort of my full-time job, i found myself not in a glowing snippet of decisiveness, but in the dark murk of doubt. 

now, a time for thankfulness…

i’m thankful for the hubs - who after six years has still found ways to keep me entertained and laughing.  i couldn’t think of anything better.

i’m thankful for my huge family.  i’ve been blessed with an enormous group of loving individuals who provide support and guidance.  we have a very “modern” family riddled with exes and steps and it can get tricky, but all the variation brings wholeness.

i’m thankful for my passion and my gifts.  i come from a long line of strong, talented, adventuress folks who never let the word “defeat” enter their vocabulary - and i’m thankful that this is how i was raised.


the tunnel