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the tunnel

it’s been a long… and i mean long week.

i’ve agreed to assist in the hiring and training process of my replacement at work which i figured would have it’s challenges, but in the end - relief.  we had a girl start tuesday and were already breaking the news thursday morning that she wasn’t right for the job.  how terrible.  if you’ve never had to fire anyone, count your blessings.  wednesday night i ended the work day bursting into tears in the owner’s office which caused his wife to come running in to see what the commotion was.  she then began crying, too.  the owner sat at his desk, leaning back in his chair watching the women have their emotional break down and said calmly with his arms folded across his chest, “just don’t go back out there crying.  they’ll think we’re all crazy!”  yes.  they would all think we were crazy.  we are a little crazy and i sort of folded in on myself like a tired child.

to work through the issues i’m dealing with on the work front i’ve granted some of my wishes on the home front.  first wish granted: spring cleaning bug!  i scrubbed down both couches with deodorizing upholstery detergent, steam cleaned the rugs (again) mopped all the non-carpet floors, and washed rugs, blankets, and mounds of clothes.  not bad for a day and a half of work!  that musty dusty smell is being swept right out the back door!

i’ve also gotten a surprising amount of spinning and knitting done.  good girl, court.  i knew you could do it.

my girlfriend faux (pictured next to me in the first pic of my last post) has been wanting me to spin some bluish-greenish-brownish yarn for her for some time.  she wants to knit a cowlish thing with it… the yarn is chain plyed & heavy worsted to bulky.  i haven’t had a chance to knit a swatch yet but i’m exited to get to it.  alizah likes this yarn so well she wants to keep it!  silly girl!

the shrug is coming along nicely, too.  only six inches shy of bind off and i run out of yarn!!!!! hmmm.  good thing i spun it myself!  HA  i spun two ounces this afternoon to get me through.  i hope it’s enough…  i’m not experienced enough at spinning to really know yet, but there’s nothing better than some trial and error to feel your way through.

i finished alizah’s little kerchief yesterday and have it blocking.  i still need to take a pic of mae’s.  blasted!  i keep forgetting!!!  anywhooz, she loves it.  i just made the pattern up as i went along and was done when i ran out of yarn.  i love knitting that way sometimes.  it seems so open ended and loose.  this is the lemongrass’n’green yarn i spun last week… i’m sure i posted pics of it back there somewhere…. i feel kind of too lazy too look.

finally - this afternoon, the girls got to eat a very special after school snack!

our first little radishes!!!! how nice to harvest something from our tiny side yard garden at the end of april!  the girls were trying to eat them as fast as i could get them rinsed off - except the one that had a long yellow worm sticking out of it.  they decided that one belonged in the compost heap.  another row of these fast little growers should be ready in about a week and i replanted today.

now, off to bed with my coffee ice cream.  i have another long work day ahead of me tomorrow. xo

the light

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