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vanishing act of an invisible girl

getting back into the routine of home life and post-spring break school schedules has been like trying to jump onto a train car as it whizzes by.  i’m not entirely sure why we’re all having such a difficult time, but we are and it is what it is and we’ll all get over it - or school will let out and we’ll have something new to deal with.  plus, i have officially resigned from the 40 hour/week gig.  june 1st our life will be a stark contrast to the current going ons.  it will be good and hard and cleansing.

my first ever pattern proposal was denied and i’m good with that.  like the boy has said, success too early in the game is your doom.  it’s good to have something to work for.  i’ve already moved on to another pattern which i’ll share soon.  yes, lots of knitting news to share soon… 

farewell for now.  

extra credit.

back home... and all that