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extra credit.

since i haven’t been to find the time to sit still and quietly in what seems like months, i’m doing my extra credit now ;)

first, a conversation i eaves dropped on tonight between the girls while they were playing “mommy and baby” in the back seat of the car:

alizah (baby): please can i have a drink?

mae (mommy): what do you want?  water?

alizah: no, water doesn’t taste like anything.  it’s bland.

mae: i know, it always tastes like that!  do you want milk?

alizah: yes, please.

mae: did you just say “asshole?”

alizah: no!

mae: “asshole” is a bad word.  don’t say “asshole”

alizah: i didn’t say that!  i don’t know what you’re talking about.

mae: get down and give me push-ups!

mae has a knack for surprising us. however, nothing can beat the other day when she  happened upon a toy gun she won at the fair last summer.  she and alizah were in the living room and out of no where mae grabs her toy gun, walks up to alizah, points it at her face and says in her most serious voice, “open your mouth.”  we all exchanged confused glances for a moment before hubs broke the silence with his typical i-can’t-believe-she-just-said-that bout of laughter finished with, “that’s probably my fault.  who knows what i’ve been watching lately!”

yes, this is my life.

since i’ve been neglecting my blog space something awful, here are some of my favorite moments from the past couple weeks that i haven’t shared yet:

children’s museum trip with mare and her fellas!


luckily for mae, in one trip she got to play with her friends AND “meet” her two heros.  she loves star wars so very, very, very much (and was darth vader for halloween last year) so seeing vader’s actual clothing was the coolest thing EVER next to meeting bumblebee!  she stood there for about 15 minutes watching him turn slowly.  on our way home she was deep in thought and sort of asked herself out loud, “i wonder what bumblebee be is doing in town.”

i’m sure this is terribly boring, but adorable to me.  this was mae’s first taste of warm air on our way to florida…

around the house: evil

AND NOW, for the interesting stuff!  HA

i promised knitting updates so….  hand spun first.

i have two hanks of this gorgeous bfl & merino that i’ve spun.  undyed, springy, soft, and waiting for the perfect project to come along!

corriadale and merino… i spun some mustard and gun-metal together, REMEMBER??? then plyed it with a solid puple-ish fushia.  i actually sort of love the way it turned out.  this will be a shawlette someday if all goes well.  no pattern on this one - eek!

the market bag is SO close to completion.  this is knit using the undyed bfl & seafoam merino i spun some time back… it’s a good thing i ended up spinning two hanks of this, too!  the bag is deceptively large!

and, a sneak peek at the new pattern being written (coming soon)

these two pieces will merge into one… both knit with malabrigo worsted (YUM)

now, it’s time to put my feet up and enjoy this (temporarily) quiet house.


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