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spinning a hank a night seems like a strange goal, but i’ve been going strong and have five hanks completed so far.  i’m hoping to fill the dye pot this weekend!

it has been a LONG and emotionally trying week - training another potential replacement and dealing with some of my own issues surrounding the loss of my friend’s mother…. oh yes.  we made it up just in time.  my mother and i drove up to the chicago area saturday morning and our dear friend left us around 12:30am mother’s day.  like i told her daughter, she’s fine… the ones left behind are the ones that suffer.

of course, me being me, i was thankful that even though it was a terrible time - very stressful, scary, and heart breaking - it did facilitate a mother’s day that wouldn’t have happened otherwise.  i was lucky enough to spend the entire day with my mother, grandmother, children, and childhood friend.

another tunnel, another light.  it all comes back around.

i move forward now because i’m alive and i don’t have much other choice!  i’m ready for the change i set into motion like a mother is ready for a baby once she has come to term.  all of my previous fears and apprehensions have been exchanged for excitement!  leaving my job will create added stress to the family financially, but i’m feeling good and strong now.  

i’m hoping you are feeling good and strong too. xo


it all comes back around.