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the good work

for not having much space, i’ve been packing a lot in. i decided to go with some cool weather crops this year, too.  I LOVE THEM!  plus, because of our exceptionally strange weather, we’ve had three nice radish harvests already - and strawberries!  can you believe it??? strawberries!


budding peppers & bush beans

budding peas & some delicious red strawberries

these are some friendly mushrooms growing in the side garden.  the side garden houses flowers gifted to me by mare’s amazingly wonderful mother, a strange little blueberry plant that seems to be just a stick now, chamomile, rosemarry, and a slew of mystery plants & weeds.  i like it that way.  we planted a boat load of radishes there last year and forgot all about them.  wouldn’t you know??? they turned into glorious bushes full of radish beans!  maybe i’ll “forget” about some radishes again this year, too!

the little green wonders i didn’t get any pics of? tomatoes, spinach, brocciflower, leeks, chamomile, and dill.  maybe next time…

on the knitting front, i’ve been working on a pattern for some little bloomer-type shorts, but i think i’ll keep them a secret for now.  i just need to finish up the rib on one of the legs and figure out the best way to block!  

i’m feeling good tonight, thankfully.  on my way home from a typical day at work peppered with prick customers, spastic employees, and the never ending store re-vamp, i was half tempted to just keep driving.  drive to the end of the world maybe (or the end of my gas).  i felt like i needed some time alone.  quiet, blissful, uninterrupted alone time.  it’s getting to the point where i feel like i can’t even complete a thought let alone a sentence without something or someone popping up like an alarm clock in the midst of a vivid dream.  once that alarm sounds, you never fall back into the dream where you left off - and i can never fall back into my train of thought.  it’s frustrating.  infuriating sometimes.  but, instead of running away to the end of the earth, i went home.  no one was there, so i sat in the garden and took pictures and pulled weeds and was quiet.  hubs and the bird pulled in shortly after i did and the flurry of regular life came zooming towards me.  we decided to eat out so mae and i hopped in the car, hubs on the motorcycle, and we all headed up the road.  

we live in a strange little corner.  really, you can drive ten to fifteen minutes in any direction and be in a different town…  indianapolis, avon, speedway, clermont, or brownsburg.  we took the brownsburg route.  i’m beginning to love that route.  i swear, you cross through a traffic light and the world is transformed.  one moment you’re passing a cvs or gas station and the next moment every house sits on a hunk of land with barns and tractors.  people have signs in their yards advertising “self serve fire wood” and “fresh eggs, OPEN” and then, as fast as the transformation comes, it goes again and the barns are replaced with mcdonald’s and napa.

dinner was good.  sitting outside and eating and talking and breathing the warm air made me calm.  poor little mae had a mosquito on her chest so i smacked it away, then one landed on her cheek so i smacked that one away.  then i saw the puzzled look on her face and burst out laughing - i mean really laughing from my guts.  i had to apologize to her and explain what was making mommy do that.  hubs chuckled and said, “mae?  is mommy hitting you?”  “YES!”  she exclaimed and went back to playing.  we’re a strange group…  a wildly rediculous team of misfits.

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