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we knew we needed to eat because it’s one of those pesky things that must be done to stay alive… but what?  and where? and there was no way i was cooking… we hopped in the car.  i had my knitting in tow, ready for a long trip to “i don’t care what we eat”

strangely, we zipped right through avon and into danville.  hubs decided we should try an italian spot on the square (or, the only restaurant other than the diner… but, whatever) and it was delicious.  i mean, i was stuffed to the brim and still shoving putanesca linguine down my throat until i was sick.  mae wanted to walk, so walk we did.  we found strange little doorways and alleys and a fabric shop like you wouldn’t believe.  10 foot bolts cluttered the wrap around windows in equally tall piles.  however, it like every other shop in town other than the coffee shop was closed at the late hour of 8pm.  we made a mental note to find our way back there.  hubs is just as interested in fabric shops as i am since he’s always on the lookout for fine and unusual lace.

on the way home our little bird was quiet with heavy eyes so we decided to drive a little longer.  i pulled my notebook out and stared at it with this sort of shock and amusement.  maybe it’s just me, but i swear my clever little taped-on notions could be the work of a crazy, disorganized, cat lady.  do you see it?  the edge of crazy?  

well, anyways… i worked my way through the pattern in lazy scrawls across at least six pages of this square book.  the pattern writting is getting better and easier.  i struggled so terribly in the begining because i tortured myself with the idea that in order to design a garment and write a pattern for it, you must begin with a sketch - with like, a pencil.  then figure out how the garment would be constructed, choose a yarn, and begin knitting.  i realized not so long ago that my little brain just doesn’t function in such a logical order.  it almost always starts with the yarn for me.  i’ll get my hands on some delicious yarn that i can’t wait to get on the needles.  then, after hours, days, or weeks of searching for the perfect pattern to knit i’ll give up on the search and cast on.  i swear.  my first knitted piece IS my sketch for all intensive purposes.  i may have a vague outline of some idea, but all the real magic happens once i get rolling.  i follow the fabric and choose where to push out or draw in just feeling my way through intuitavely.  once the entire piece is finished, i look it over and make notes about what needs to be changed.  then (usually using a less expensive yarn that will give me the same gauge) i cast on again.  i’ve become very diligent when it comes to documenting this round of the process.  i knit and knit and knit taking oh so careful notes and TA-DA!  completion. it’s amazing what a difference those notes make.  when i sat at the computer tonight getting ready to type it all up, it took oh… ten minutes. plus, all that knitting and note taking in the car kept me occupied while hubs drove around waiting for our bird to nest.

when i did finally look up i found myself surrounded by a terrible scene.  yes, hubs had made his way into speedway, and for those of you blissfully unaware, our fine city is home to the indy 500 - and the race is this weekend - and it’s the 100 year anniversary - and it draws out some interesting characters.

i swear these clouds were getting sucked into some sort of vortex.  hubs and i decided it was all the frightful scenes around us setting the earth off kilter.

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