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pretty handy

i can be sometimes… mae was quite impressed with mama’s building skills, too!  i only hammered my thumb once (tee-hee)

hubs and i did some dumpster diving for palletes to build a garden box/cold frame.  i had a great base from work, but it wasn’t enough.  after tearing them all down and re-configuring them like tetris pieces, this is what i have!

the sides are raised “seats” for our potted plants.  mae placed each one very carefully.  i think she did splendid work.  next up?  dirt and plexi.

the main garden is grow grow growing - and many of the greens are second plantings.  the side garden has little herb sprouts coming up all over, and the small garden is full of tomatoes, jalapenos, bush beans, and corn!  



silly chamomile plant!  i didn’t plant any here - in fact, it’s all in the side garden nest to the house, but here it is anyhow and ready to bloom!



a sunflower made it in the corner behind the strawberries.  hubs has made me vow to leave it.


our wild little patch… it’s crazy looking and full of weeds. we LOVE it.

wishing everyone a great memorial day weekend! xo

it's the dirt

not too far off