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the light

there’s always one… right?  even if it’s way of in the distance - no larger than a twinkling star in the night sky.

faux-fox swatch done!  so, i kinda loved the roving after i dyed it.  then i pretty much loved the singles as i spun them.  then i loved the yarn as i plyed it and now… now i’m completely smitten with the fabric that i knit with it… even if said fabric was only about 2” square!  i think her cowlish thing is going to be absolutely dashing.

we’re looking at 4sts/inch on US10 1/2 needles

i started THIS on the 1st and was finished on the 2nd…. (FAST!?!?)  it’s for mae and i set out with the idea that it would be short-sleeved and sans hood.  it turned out like this:

yep.  almost no relation to the “inspiration” pattern, but mae and i love it & she’s eager to wear it tomorrow.  the pattern is more for a  younger toddler type human, so i just bumped it up to bulky yarn and used US10 1/2 needles.  the fit is PERFECT for a 4T.  the hardest part so far is deciding on buttons.  you can see mae’s little shawlette on the bottom right, but when it’s on her?  too cute to handle.

i’m really enjoying little short-sleeved sweaters right now, so i casted another one this afternoon.

you can find the pattern HERE  again, i’ll be going for a mae-sized garment so i’ll make it longer than spelled out in the pattern.  i have to say, i’m very happy with it so far.  i was thrown off on the first row of picking up stitches along the wrong side because my little hands automatically knit the stitch to avoid creating holes, but this topper wants holes, so holes it will have!

to avoid other stresses in my life, i’ve been losing myself in patterns on ravelry.  here are some lovelies you should really, really seriously check out.

extremely simple in design and i love it!

ohmygosh it’s the cutest!

i’m enjoying this color combo

yep. every child needs one

interesting details.  gorgeous.

almost too ordinary, but darling.

freaking stinking AMAZING!

gorgeous knit shorts?  yes, they exist.

what is it about these pants???

is it the dress or the little girl?  perfection.

i’d wear holes into this

alright.  i think i’ve done enough damage for one night!  xo


pollen is for spring & malabrigo

the tunnel