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pollen is for spring & malabrigo

it’s not the greatest pic - snapped quickly in the dim light of my bedroom lamp at 12:30 am, but it works.

of course, i knew i would be running out of my beloved malabrigo worsted in pollen (current favorite colorway) so i began easing into the sauterne just praying the two yellows didn’t clash.  i think it works.  it fits mae perfectly!  she hugged herself this morning when i tried it on her and said to her sister, “i’m soft!”

i have a test knit to work on, but no pics will be posted.  sorry.  it was a promise.  the yarn on the other hand…  i’ll be posting pics of that tonight ;)

i’ll be starting this soon.  i lovelovelove it. 

alright, since i really would rather not work on these training packets, i’ll post some links to today’s crushes instead…



carina bfl


i think six of each would do it.

mouth watering….

undyed perfection


almond smoke

or vanilla?

thirty minutes to escape.  i hope it’s sunny where you are because it’s feeding me here. xo

it all comes back around.

the light