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it all comes back around.

yesterday we pulled more radishes out of the ground and gifted them to our new neighbor because - let’s face it, wouldn’t you rather be offered veggies with the wet soil still caked on them than some store bought pie??? HA!  it was mae’s idea… she always has the good ones.

last night was a good knitting night, too.  i got about a quarter of the way through the test knit while the house was quiet and full of sleepers.  i decided to take a break from it today. i think a break in knitting is good right now.  we just found out nate’s nephew will become a father so… baby knits are going to fill my needles soon!  

i felt really good and peaceful today despite the fact i jumped out of bed at 7:30 am and didn’t stop moving until now!  in addition to spinning two hanks of bare merino, i buzzed around getting what seemed like thousands of chores done.   then the girls and i drug ourselves to the grocery - a chore LONG over due, and made from scratch pizzas for dinner.  i think nibbling blackberries with squirts of (dare i say???) redi-whip is the best way to end the day with my two little ones.  tee hee  

on a more somber note, a dear friend i grew up with called me tonight and broke the news that her mother has been diagnosed with cancer and may not see mother’s day this year. having spent so much of my childhood with them, the news rocked me.  i may not be home for a mother’s day post, so i’d like to wish everyone a peaceful day full of joy.  please, cuddle your babies and mothers as much as you can.

right now i’m going to go back to breathing in the bright warm air while it’s here to breathe. xo


pollen is for spring & malabrigo