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it's a 30 thing.

mare enlisted a group of us to do this project 30 days thing.  i’m down.  i’m trying desperately to convince the boy to join in the fun.  we’ll see.  

here is my day 1

my little bird woke up at 6am with a fever so hubs (having a very flexible schedule) stayed home with her.  she’s a hard kid to keep down, though and by the time i returned from work she was ready to do a little garden maintenance.

a fine helper she is!  then we harvested lots of greens, washed and sorted them together.

we also noticed something awray in the small garden.  there is a pepper plant thief in our midst!

isn’t it bazaar?  a perfect little hole where my plant was growing yesterday.  shooty-poops.

ok… are you sick of my garden yet??? HA

anyone who knows me knows i’m a crazy homebirthing, nursing, baby sleeping with weirdo, but i have to say… this??? OMGOSH!  check this out!  i laughed and cried a little.  it really blows my birth stories out of the water!

on the old bloglovin'

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