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my first real saturday

i’ve worked every saturday for the past…. almost six years.  i know, it’s very hard to believe.  today was my first saturday without work and i’d say i made the most of it.  the boy and cora come by the house in the morning and i drove us all out to danville for their farmer’s market.  pitiful.  i thought such a rural little town would have a slammin’ market but BOY was i wrong!  i did buy two tiny blueberry pies from the amish & a gorgeous basil plant.

we had lunch at the mayberry cafe (no joke) and headed back to my place.  we went our separate ways, but ran into each other again downtown.  of course.  we were headed for the art and music festival and they were leaving the art fair across the street.  as soon as we walked up to the first tent we ran into mare and her fam!  i got some super cute pics of her littlest one, holdie xo

we were all there for one thing, and one thing only!  LORD OF THE YUM YUM!

the kids absolutely adore him!  i first came upon paul at an art show in noblesville back in…? 2003?  i instantly loved him and made him sign my arm.  since then he’s been gaining popularity around here - especially wowing the little ones at his show in our downtown library a year or two ago.  he’s the best.

while waiting for the lord to take the stage, mare got this rad pic of me and the girls… it’s so US.

i have no clue what the heck alizah is up to back there… but, see that dish of icecream?  there was a tent selling scoops that came with lovely ceramic dishes!  mae chose red, of course.

mae’s eyes were looking pretty green today, too!  i lovelovelove it when that happens.  

unbelievably, after the yum yum and the ice cream and the farmer’s market… we made a quick dash through the handicraft exchange and art fair.  as if that wasn’t enough, we stopped by the house to pick up the dogs (and yes, i said DOGS) and headed to the park for a long walk.  we’re sitting for my in-laws and the kids love it.  mae says mick is HER dog, but she lets grandma live with him.  they’re the cutest together.  he and mae were both laying on the back of the couch this morning.  sillies.

i’ve been working on some crafty goodness, too.  i mean, of course.  but it’s a quarter ‘til 8 and time for resting.  i’ll share more about the crafty bits another time.


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